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Off-Shore Gas Well Platforms

2017 (completed)

In order to service the decommissioning of a field of gas and oil wellheads off the coast of Western Australia, our client was looking for a very reliable long-life battery to run critical safety monitoring equipment atop each suspended well head. The solar system was to monitor for leaks and other safety risks, and to power navigation lighting for nearby sea and air craft. Given such an important service, and the extremely high cost of gaining access to the remote off-shore locations for maintenance, the products used had to guarantee the lowest possible chance of failure. Our client also required this degree of reliability for a minimum of 10 years.

Very few batteries through all the available chemistries could step up to specifications this demanding, but the ELMOFO high performance advanced lithium battery was a natural choice, given its laboratory cycle life of over 20 years and proven rugged, high-reliability design. The battery bank was split into 4 parallel channels with individual isolation and battery management monitoring, so that if a problem was experienced in one battery, it could be taken offline and subjected to an automatic recovery process, then brought back in with the other batteries once restored. The recovery process was all designed in house with assistance from an experienced Australian battery management system manufacturer.

Byron Bay Electric Train

2017 (Completed)

Byron Bay Railroad Company, with the help of ELMOFO, retrofitted a restored heritage train to run using the energy harnessed from the sun.

The train features a sophisticated power management system and special custom designed, on-board battery banks, all designed with ELMOFO's years of experience with working on unique projects demanding a wide range of requirements.

The train has a capacity for 100 seated passengers, additional standing passengers, seating for people with a disability and luggage room for bikes, prams and surfboards, carried free of charge. It will run a return shuttle service for the three kilometre journey between Northbeach Station in Sunrise Beach and the Byron Beach platform located adjacent to the Shirley Street level crossing. The fare will be $3 per one-way journey.

All at no cost to ratepayers, and no cost to government at any level.

Additional information and updates can be found on the Byron Bay Train project page and our ELMOFO facebook page.

ELMOFO Nissan R33 GTR Super-Hybrid

DATE?? (completed)

The Nissan R33 GTR is already a quick car, so an electric boost of up to 200hp and 255Nm should get it kicking along.

We have installed a new Electric motor along with ELMOFO E-Cell Batteries which will see this car outperform its’ all petrol equivalents.

The bulk of the build is complete, within a few weeks this car should be ready to hit the Sydney Drag strip to see what it can do.

ELMOFO DC Fast Charger


The mobile 100kW DC Fast Charger enables the ELMOFO Electric Radical Race Team to compete in multiple races in a meeting without any special consideration for time to recharge the vehicle.

Our DC Fast Charger incorporates a large Lithium storage pack that is capable of rapidly recharging the car up to 3 times without external power input. The storage pack is recharged predominantly with solar generated energy, closing the gap towards Zero Emission Electric Vehicle Racing.

ELMOFO Radical

Jan 25, 2013 (Completed)

Solar Power Australia, through our Electric Vehicle division ELMOFO, have built a high performance Electric Radical SR8 Race Vehicle. The objective of this project was to build an electric powered Radical that can mix it up on the track with the extremely high performance V8 powered Radical SR8s. Our performance modelling indicated that we will have more power and torque than the V8, but are carrying a lot more weight. Early track tests have shown some very good performance, so it should be an interesting comparison.

The Radical SR8 chassis and body design provides high aerodynamic down-force for physics-defying grip and cornering. The Radical SR8 is not able to be registered for on-road use in Australia, but it can be in England, much of Europe and some other parts of the world. The Radical SR8 currently holds the two (2) fastest Nurburging lap times for a road registered vehicle.

The ELMOFO Electric Radical features some of the highest performance EV components currently available. Some of these components have been designed and built specifically for this vehicle, but will have uses in other performance projects. These include a prototype dual-inline stack AC electric motor and prototype high output Lithium battery modules.

Additional information and updates can be found on our ELMOFO Radical project page and our ELMOFO facebook page.

DMC EV DeLorean

June, 2012 (Completed)

Solar Power Australia’s conversion of a DeLorean DMC-12 to a performance Electric Vehicle was completed in June 2012. We are pleased to say that the conversion was a success with the electric drive providing much better performance than the V6 petrol engine.

Our DMCEV Electric DeLorean is charged from outlets in solar powered buildings or our mobile solar trailer. As such, this electric vehicle is EMISSION FREE!

Additional information and updates can be found on our DeLorean project page and our DMC-EV facebook page.